Intentions for the New Year

I don't know about you but I don't love setting goals for the New Year. It can feel like a lot of pressure and quite honestly you never know what the world will throw at you (a pandemic, riots, murder hornets...)

Something I noticed that I missed in 2020 was moving. I use to get 10,000 steps on my daily commute alone, now I'm lucking if I get 3,000 in my tiny apartment. Exercise and movement need to get back on my list of priorities. I have set a goal of working out at least 3x a week and trying to hit that 3,000 steps goal (which seems simple, but really isn't when you sit at a desk all day and it is winter in NY!)
What are the things that can help with these goals? 
  • Deep Blue Rub to support my muscles after a challenging workout. I use this to combat those sore muscles that make you delay your next work out! 
  • Well in addition to taking my Life Long Vitatlity to make sure I am getting my daily does of vitamins and minerals, adding Mito 2 Max to my supplement regiment for energy to get up and moving! 
  • Breathe to help support my respiatory system. I wish I had had this oil a while back when I was running more and training for a marathon. Breathe can help open airways and with its minty scent, can lift and energize your mood!
What are your goals for 2021? Leave them in the comments and let me suggest some oils that can support them! 

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