Where My Rosemary Goes

Since the Stay At Home order was put in to motion I have been working at home. It definitely takes some getting use to! One of the wonderful pros is that I get to diffuse my oils all the time. I have been partial to Rosemary as one of my go to on the busier days. Rosemary is energizing, and can be use to help create an environment for concentration. I love the combination of Rosemary with citrus oils; Wild Orange, Clementine, Citrus Bliss, and Kumquat are some of my favorite pairings for Rosemary. 
Because Doterra's Rosemary oil is safe for internal usage, it is also great to use for cooking! Remember when cooking with essential oils, less is more. Sometime you may want to use a toothpick's worth of oil, some times a drop, some times a few drops depending on your recipe. As with all cooking, it is easier to add than subtract to go slow adding your oils. Some of the easiest way to add Rosemary to your cooking:
  • Add a drop to your olive oil for cooking or bread dipping
  • Add a drop to chicken broth to add more flavor to you soup base
  • Toss sliced potatoes with a drop of Rosemary oil, for some Rosemary Fries
Reach out to me if you would like to learn more about cooking with Rosemary! 

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