Adapting with the Adaptiv System

One of my favorite collections from DoTerra has been the Adaptiv system. The Adaptiv System launched at the 2019 Convention and has been a game changer for so many of us! Adaptiv is designed to help support us when dealing with the stressful challenges life throws at us. When stressors pop up, Adaptiv's formula helps to soothe, relax and focus our minds and body. The system includes a supplement, an oil blend, and a touch roller.

The Adaptiv capsules have mood-boosting and tension-reducing effects. The proprietary blend of ingredients in this supplement helps empower and encourage when adapting to stressful situations or acclimating to new surroundings. I have personally been taking this supplement since September of 2019. It has helped me to manage my stress levels in my demanding job, while saying focused. During the "New York Pause", I have begun taking this supplement before bed to help improve my sleep.

Adaptiv Calming Blend is a harmonious combination of lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, Wild Orange, Spearmint, Rosemary, and Copaiba. As I shared in a previous blog post, lavender is a go to essential oil, in terms of calm and relaxation. Magnolia has the same primary chemical constituent as Lavender, known as Linalool, which is incredibly soothing while producing a beautiful floral aroma. Another gorgeous floral, Neroli, which comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, is known to help provide a positive, calming experience when applied topically. Wild Orange is one of my favorite citrus scents. It is uplifting and energizing. Spearmint a sweeter, milder, mint oil; known to promote a positive environment. Rosemary is energizing and may help to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue. Copaiba can help soothe and ease anxious feelings. This beautiful blend can be diffused regularly on its own or with other oils.

In addition, the Adaptiv calming blend comes in a convenient touch roller. I can easily toss this roller in my purse or in my pocket. I apply it to my temples and the nape of my neck when I'm feel triggered by stressors or just want to smell nice!

To get started with this amazing toolbox to help the body and mind stay balanced during life’s stressful moments - Click HERE

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